Welcome to the Youngpa Medical Foundatiuon(YPMF)'s Internet Website.
On behalf of all the board members, the administrative staff, the doctors, nurses and support staff here at YPMF, we are pleased to use this communication vehicle to provide information about our initiatives.

For over 60 years, YPMF's Hospiotal has remained committed to providing our Southeast region of Korea with the most progressive health care available. Today, the people of Busan Metropolitan City and surrounding areas have a hospital that matches the exceptional quality for YPMF's physicians and staff. With our expanded range of medical services, we've evolved from our modest beginning as a small, 78-bed community mental hospital to a 544-bed Southeast regional geriatric and mental hospital that has become a specialized healthcare model for the nation.

Currently, we boast more than 230 staffs including physicians on active or consulting status with YPMF's Hospitals. Together, they represent a broad range of specialties. Our staff is committed to a personalized caring approach to each of our clients individually.

When we celebrate the ways that our staff contributes to the health of our communities, not just in their work on the job, but in their community life, we begin to be able to think more clearly about how fostering good health is as important as curing illness. This knowledge helps us to shape an institution that best meets the needs of its community. Our emphasis on prevention means we will continue to promote wellness among the citizens of Busan Metropolitan City and neighboring cities.

Therefore, we invite you to read on. Let us introduce you to some of our staff and see how they celebrate health.Their dedication will make you feel good about yourself and those who care for and about you, and that's a big part of what being healthy is With thanks and best wishes,

Welcome you to the Ma-Um-Hyang-Gi hospital website.
Even in the challenges of our nation today- rapid changing of healthcare environment and socio-economic stagnation, we have been doing more and helping more with "humanistic professionalism and family love"in order to provide high quality medical care and to help make our communities better places to live, work, raise families and enjoy life. Therefore fundamental to MUHG's philosophy is empowering patients and your family with "parental love like your family" and providing the knowledge to make them active partners responsible for maintaining their health and making decisions about their care and treatment.

MUHG is committed to listening to patients and their families, developing and offering high quality services, programs and medical care that focus on treatment and wellness. With pride in our new and high quality care services at psychiatric unit, we are taking to provide the health care services you need and expect from us. MUHG as health care providers have been committed to proactively planning and preparation for the future and adapting to changing environment. Being a stronger partner for you. The dedication of the people of MUHG runs deep. Once again we, the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Medical Officer and Vice Presidents, would like to thank you for your support of the hospital.

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